We want you to have a fun and memorable time when you visit our farm to pick and purchase your favorite fruits or sunflowers. Just as important, we want your time spent with us to be safe for you, your family and friends. This info is provided to help you prepare for your visit.

Before you leave home

  • For U-pick an entry ticket is required (the $5 ticket is credited back towards your purchase). All people over the age of two will need a ticket to enter the farm. You can secure your spot with a reservation, please see the reservation page for more detail. If you do not have a reservation and we have space available, you can buy the entry ticket at the door.
  • The maximum group size we allow is 8
  • Large containers, ice chests and wagons are prohibited in the orchard (please leave them in your car).
  • No outside food is allowed in the orchard. Picnics are not allowed.
  • If it is going to be a hot day be sure to pack sunscreen and water!
  • Be sure to wear comfortable, closed toed shoes.
  • We accept cash & card, including tap to pay as payment methods.
  • We provide boxes for the fruit to be picked into, so no need to bring buckets or containers.
  • For more info on U-Pick sunflowers click here

Arriving at the farm
Please enter at the north end of our property (by the old blue truck), this is the end furthest away from the fruit stand.

Pre-picked fruit/flowers

  • All pre-picked fruit is sold at our fruit stand, the yellow & blue building on the corner of Concord Ave & Walnut Blvd
  • When in bloom we will also have sunflowers & flower arrangements

U-Pick in the orchard

  • An entry ticket is required for U-Pick.
  • The entrance for U-Pick is in the middle of the parking lot.
  • You will need to have your tickets either printed or on your phone to be scanned for entry. Every ticket will need to be scanned.

The picking experience

  • Once your ticket has been scanned you will be handed something indicating the total number of tickets you had. KEEP HOLD OF THIS, as this will indicate to our cashiers the credit amount you have when paying (the cost of the tickets are credited back to your purchase).
  • As you enter the orchard after ticket scanning, you will find a table with boxes to pick your fruit into, please take as many as you require. There will also be a sign with what is available to pick and how much each fruit costs per pound.
  • All fruits that are the same price per pound can be picked into the same box and mixed, any fruit that has a unique price per pound needs to be kept separately in a different picking box.
  • Our scales have already been set to take out the weight of the box, so please only use the provided boxes to place your picked fruit into.
  • We ask that you be mindful of other pickers and their space. We have a entry tickets so that there is a comfortable amount of people on the farm at any given time.
  • Please keep your children with you at all times.
  • Our staff (you can find us in blue shirts) are available throughout your picking experience. Please don’t hesitate to ask for assistance to locate fruit or whatever you may need.
  • Once you are done picking, head back toward where you entered and join one of the checkout lines. Here we will weigh the fruit that you picked, apply the credit from the tickets you pre-purchased and check you out.

Exiting the farm

  • Please exit the parking lot on the south side, opposite to where you entered (past the farm stand).
  • We are adjacent to a busy intersection, please be aware of traffic in and around the farm.
  • Drive home safely!
  • Once home, we recommend you wash all your fruit before you eat it.